August 26, 2009

Andrew meeting the others...not all of them

Meara: Well ladies, this Andrew
Andrew, let me introduce you too the majority of the inhabitants of the house

This is Sian, The very first tall one of the house
Sian: Nice to meet you Andy * cute but not really my type*
Andrew: Nice to meet you too

This is Kayleen, my step sister but I don't have to introduce you to her cause well you know...
Kayleen: t's up Dude!
Andy: Great thank Leen!

Here is Axelle, our Fashion Diva
Axelle: Hi.....* blushing*
Andrew: hiya * cute but definitly not my kind of girl*

My Best friend Aislinn
Aislinn: You scare me!
Andrew: why sweet pie? Meara talked a lot about you!
*Aislinn hidding*

And you already know Nora...
Bull & Nora
*Nora smiling*
Andrew: yes I already met her yesterday... and it seems that Bull like her a lot....

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