August 26, 2009

Meara explaining the secret

Meara: Hey guys I asked you to come cause I've something to tell you
*all whispering*
Part of Family

Meara: Shuush! Let me finish!
I never told anyone except Nora, and Kayleen cause The first one is like our mother and the second one knows the truth as she is my step sister...

Kayleen: What are you about to reveal that only two of us know?
You're not really the secret kind of girl...
oh! I see...

Meara: Yes Kayleen, that's what you're thinking about...
Well I have an older brother... and I would like to introduce you to him and him to you...he is with Nora in the living room at the moment
Aislinn: And why didn't you tell me ? Am I not you're Best friend here?

Rileigh: I'm fed up ! good things happen always to the others!
I've nothing fascinating!
Rileigh & Axelle

Axelle in her mind: he is finally there! I'm gunna meet my Prince Charming...

Sian: Is he about to stay for a long time?

Jude: Interesting, Shame that I have to work all day...

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