March 15, 2010

Made In Asia ( MIA) 2010

This week end it was the MIA exhibition.
It means that I had to head up to Brussels and see my co-participants the the Chimerical Dolls Forum.

I talked a long long time with Scrapdoll, exchanged some words with selfie and Akhi.
I droped Nécrose. She stayed there the entire week end.

Scrap kept her and she will take care of her since the IRL at my place sometime in April or May :o)

Here is some pics from the stand.

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Anonymous said...

Juste pour te dire que je t'ai contactée sur MC à propos d'une blythe que tu vendais (comme tu ne t'es pas connectée depuis un moment, je préfère te laisser un message ici aussi au cas où!)