March 22, 2010

Dollhouse project - 01

Ok I started to think seriously about my Dollhouse.
I'm gonna work on it piece by piece and step by step.
It will be cut into three floor.
The first one to be made is the Groundfloor displayed as follow:

The the very left side :

The bathroom

In the middle:

The Kitchen - I already got some pieces of furniture

The very Right side:

The living and the Dinning Room with a stair going to the first floor

This is just the Idea, I'm not goin' into all the details right now cause they might be changing during the creation.
Base material will be the Mdf.

I already have some painting material too but... let's wait the creation phase!

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Anonymous said...

Coucou Amylee
C'est Ari de MC. Tu ne m'oublies po hein? Même si tu dois avoir d'autres choses à penser!^^'
A plus!